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  • Dollhouse

    Dollhouse Completed 6/18 When a woman is held captive in the woods, she’s willing to do anything to escape —

  • Grappling For Life
    Grappling For Life

    Grappling For Life Completed 1/16 A mini-documentary on David Iturrino and his BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and life journey

  • Tuesday

    Tuesday Completed 2/17 A modern family finding out what freedom really means. This PG rated future sci-fi action film stars:

  • The Confrontation
    The Confrontation

    The Confrontation Completed 12/15 It is an honor to work with the talented 9 year old director Kinley Rice on

  • Good Cop Bad Cop
    Good Cop Bad Cop

    Good Cop Bad Cop Completed 6/2015 2015 Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Festival Interrogating too deep into a killer’s mind leads

  • Kiddie Pool
    Kiddie Pool

    Kiddie Pool Completed 4/1/15 Winner Love Your Shorts Film Festival. Monroe Award! A 12 year old boy is rewarded for

  • The Interview
    The Interview

    The Interview Completed 8/2014 2014 Tampa 48 Hour Film Festival Winner Best Cinematography Winner Best Editing 2015 Film Slam Winner

  • Forgiven

    Forgiven Completed 08/2014 After a tragic car crash, a man is given the power to forgive. CAST: John Hardy Hal

  • Dis-graced

    Dis-graced Completed 02/2014 An unexpected arrival causes a church congregation to realize even the most righteous among them are guilty