Hans and G

Hans and G

Hans & G
Award Winning 2012 48 Hour Film Project

2012 Orlando 48 Hour Film Project – Hans & G

Winner Best Musical Score
Winner Best Costumes

This was made in only 48 hours!

“Hans & G” is our adaptation of the Grimms fairy tales “Hansel and Gretel”

We randomly drew Dark Comedy for our film genre and decided that a cannibal witch who favors eating children would be just the right tone for this genre. To ensure that the film was written, shot and edited during the 48 hour contest there are certain things that are required to be in the movie.

Required Elements
Character: Ben or Beverly Kingston, Door to Door Salesperson
Prop: a purse
Line: “She told me you’d say that.” (or “She told me you would say that.”)

We had the privilege of working with a fantastic cast and crew!

The incredibly talented actors made the characters come to life!. A big thank you to everyone who was involved!

Benjamin Dupree
Ben Larmore
Christine Hitt
David Noss
Bob Gray

See you in front of the camera soon!

Sincerely, Spiderflix

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